Monday, May 2, 2011


I recently got around to busting out the linoleum that previous owners put in, HARD WORK! I'm not sure if I stated in the previous post. My goal for this 1965 Aristocrat Land Commander is a complete modernization inside and out. I've thought about a floor plan rearrangement, maybe even installing a black water tank. If there are any owners of a Aristocrat Land Commander with a bathroom in the floor plan could you send me some pictures my way. Enjoy my project, If you have any questions ask.

Monday, April 11, 2011

1965 Aristocrat Land Commander Restoration

I've just recently acquired a 1965 Aristocrat Land Commander from a family member. It was previously used as a huge cat house, yes I said cat's. They had the doors open and used the storage doors and access points it was so funny. We all know cats are nomad's...they used that access door as one way access to freedom and never came back so it sat for years. I have some very big dreams for this camper. I'm gonna restore it so I started this blog to keep the world updated as I go through the process of making this trailer a one of a kind restored 1965 Aristocrat Land Commander. I will post informative information as I go along. My 1965 Aristocrat Land Commander camper trailer has no bathroom. I will be installing a black water tank where it is placed on the version with the bathroom in the floorplan. I hope you enjoy my blog and visit often. I will be updating as once a week.